Cord Releasing Spell

The weirdest magical discovery, also known as the string-filled choker or veggie platter accessory. Unicorn readers, it is with clairvoyant pleasure to introduce the whimsical crunch served with cream cheese, Celery.

Unexpected Magical Discovery

Outside of it being one of the debatable vegetable platter favs, celery is packed full of vitamins and minerals as well as aids in reducing inflammation and stress hormone levels. However, I’m not here to give a nutrition overview, I’m here to share something magically special about Ms. Celery.

Celery in the esoteric realm has the power to increase mental and psychic abilities. It can also incite lust. Woo spicey!

Be warned lust spells can get a bit intense from what I hear. Although… I could use some spicy time right now, wink, wink!


Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, celery!

This oddly-shaped vegetable houses juices that are great for cleansing, purging, and releasing. I mean, why do you think they are a staple in detox drinks? I’m just saying. Anyway, this leads me to today’s most recent discovery while meditating about breakfast.

Yes, I do have food meditation or imagination moments. Lol, but it depends if I’m mindful or hangry.

During my meditation about life and what I wanted to eat, an image of celery popped into my clairvoyant spectrum. Of course, this took me aback as I’m not the biggest fan of celery. Sure I’ll cook with it, but just to eat it? Nah, you would not catch me intentionally buying it for that…until today!

As I said earlier it’s great for enhancing psychic abilities so I said, “ok why not”. However, here is the unexpected discovery while preparing to eat it, celery has cords/strings. I know, nothing new but hear me out. If celery is great for cleansing and purging then why not utilize it for cord releasing spells?

Untie the Heart

A spell that releases cords from your heart space

The heart space has been one of my main focuses as of late and the one thing I found is that we sometimes have old energies tied there. These energies can be a variety of things from various stages in our lives. My most recent purge was admitting I have endured emotional abuse. This truth was something I needed to release and I did this through vulnerable vocalizing. I will touch on that another time however if you would like help with speaking your truth check out my most recent post.

Anyway, after analyzing the cords on that stalk of celery I began peeling and speaking what I wanted to release. It’s ironic how it happened right after a full moon.

This brief spell helped me not only unlock more of my ability to be in tune, but I feel more confident in myself and trying new things.

I have created this spell with those of us with ADHD in mind as well as those who have some harbored emotions that need releasing.

Simple, easy, effective on the go spell

Items needed: 2–3 inch pieces of celery, as many as you want for peeling.

To begin take a few breaths to center yourself. Begin by peeling the outer strings speaking the words…

I release from my heart space all that no longer serves me, all that is not for my highest and greatest good and all that burdens me.

If you have time you can be more specific: “I release worry, doubt, and fear.” “I release pain, hindrance, and struggle.” Speak from your heart and speak what’s right for you.

For an added bonus you can eat the peeled celery and envision it as cleansing light piercing through the cords of your heart and releasing you from ties. You can also set the intention to help increase psychic awareness

Warning: I ate one too many pieces that day (overzealous, tee hee), and let’s just say not only did my psychic awareness increase but my clairsentience (clear feeling) as well. I strongly warn those who are highly sensitive, clairsentient, empathic or those who are highly intuned with the emotions of others to start off slow with this type of spell. Trust me when I say, lesson learned!

I hope this was helpful and if you would like a personal spell please feel free to contact me at

Thanks for reading




Self-improvement and creative writer focusing on mental health, and personal growth while living the best way I know how.

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A Unicorn Word

A Unicorn Word

Self-improvement and creative writer focusing on mental health, and personal growth while living the best way I know how.

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