Love has a Meaning and a Message

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Yesterday I heard a familiar song in my heart space; a reminder of the past. It was an unexpected clairaudient experience and one I thought I was completely over. This wasn't your normal reminiscent trigger like that of a song on the radio or a trinket found in a tucked-away box, but one of my own inner senses.

A repeated song and a dreamy message

The song Another One Down by the legendary Richard Marx burst through my spiritual antenna like a special news report. Initially, I chose to ignore it but as the day went on it increased in volume. The words of the song are about loving someone who possibly only saw their mate as just another person of interest or a fling that could be replaced. It speculates that the person moved on without care leaving no room for contact. The video portrayed Marx struggling with the emotions he has for the individual who was no longer in his life. In the end, he deleted her contact profile while watching the sunset; a final nod indicating that he will be ok and that it was time to move on.

I watched and listened to this song countless times during a time I was getting over the heartbreak of someone I fell out of myself for. For the first time yesterday, I could view the video with clarity and less pain. I saw myself 2 years ago, the woman who cried uncontrollably on the bathroom floor after hitting the block button. I saw my past self in that video beginning a journey of letting go at the setting of the sun.

I feel the video represented the ending and release of the pain and desperation to hold on to the external but also the spark of something new. The bravery to take a step towards healing and loving myself first. A journey through my own heart space to truly understand the unexplainable love that was awakened by him.

I needed to fall in love with myself in order to step into and cherish an authentic love with anyone else.

The love he unknowingly unlocked was not only the love I had for him but the magic that changed my being. It is my guidance and superpower!

It’s hilarious because for a few weeks I’ve been asking “what is love, its meaning, and its purpose.” Through my writing, my heart's voice, I’ve discovered the answer.

Love is a peaceful feeling, a balance between one's heart and one's self. An understanding that love has no labels, no status, no financial hierarchy but a purity that only those who seek its true ability will discover. Its purpose is not to be used for manipulation or control but to be fueled by knowledge, trust, creativity, unity, strength, encouragement, passion, understanding, expression, and more love.

Anyway, the song that decided to interrupt my regularly scheduled day also added a name, his name. The name of the man who awoke the hidden caverns of love essence I never knew existed and also broke into fragments. The name came in clear not once but a few times and the song's chorus repeated on an endless loop. My brain went into overdrive and down a spiritual rabbit hole. This newfound energy prompted me to reach out to a friend for a tarot reading. The gist of that was to follow my intuition and heart's compass.

I’m left wondering if this is a test, or a ping to dive deeper in my heart.

The song woke me up this morning leaving me throwing my hands in the air and heading towards a long-overdue grounding session with mama nature. After fighting the mosquitos during my walk, I decided to take a nap in my vehicle to clear my head.

“…come back to my life.” I woke up after hearing those words accompanied by my name. I looked at the clock and it was 2:22 pm. I would go into how much I resonate with numerology but I will leave that for another time. The song returned and my heart began to race; I wanted to cry. What does it all mean? What am I supposed to do? What is even the point of this? Could he be my something more or my something to release… which I thought I did?

This man has not roamed my mind in quite some time, so why now?

The only thing I can do is wait for things to unravel or reveal to me the next cobblestone that needs to be placed on my very unorthodox journey. In the meantime I have to be honest, the understanding of love is there and the love for myself is front and center however, the love from 2020, the energy I could not explain in a thousand words, is starting to creep back in and I’m not sure how to feel about that.

To be continued…

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Self-improvement and creative writer focusing on mental health, and personal growth while living the best way I know how.

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A Unicorn Word

A Unicorn Word

Self-improvement and creative writer focusing on mental health, and personal growth while living the best way I know how.

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